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Depression and Panic Attacks


Most of us occasionally feel down or sad but these feelings are usually fleeting and pass within a couple of days.

When a person has a depressive disorder it interferes with daily life and normal functioning and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those around him or her.

Symptoms of a depressive disorder include:
•Feelings of hopelessness, emptiness and pessimism
•Loneliness and isolation
•Inability to rationalise
•Difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making decisions
•Irritability and restlessness
•Loss of libido
•Lack of motivation
•Fatigue and lethargy
•Insomnia or over sleeping
•Changes in appetite
•Thoughts of suicide
•Aches and pains which do not ease even with treatment

The word depression describes many different states of mind from feeling a little fed up through to full-blown clinical depression. Depression may have an obvious cause such as bereavement or a relationship break-up or it may have no particular cause at all. It may be connected to being stuck somewhere in a painful past with feelings of guilt, regret or even shame. In some cases it can even manifest in obsessive compulsive behaviour.

When once we have established the origin, it is usually possible to understand and look at things in a new way with a view to leaving the pain in the past. By making changes in thinking, feeling and behaviour in the present it is usually possible to re-shape the future.


Panic attacks can come on suddenly and with no apparent reason, mounting into periods of extreme anxiety which makes this condition a terrifying and highly uncomfortable experience.

Once your mind has experienced its first panic attack it may develop a fear of it happening again, and so your fear of the panic can induce the very attack itself.

The experience of a panic attack can be so intense that you may fear that you are having a heart attack which will only make your panic worse. You may feel faint, have a pounding heartbeat together with chest pain, sweating, trembling and difficulty in catching your breath as your body releases the hormone adrenalin, fearing it is in danger and preparing you for running. Each one of these symptoms is a part of your body’s natural fight/flight reaction and usually the result of an unconscious inner anxiety (you may have been bottling up childhood emotions or suffering an overload of stress for example).

Counselling and/or Hypnotherapy can be used to discover and remove the root cause of the panic attacks in a straight forward, gentle and safe way. It will release any associated emotions and result in you feeling in control again, with either a significant relief from the problem or even a permanent cure.

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