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Adv Dip Couns MNCPS (Accred), Dip Sup, DC Hyp (MNRAH), Lic ASK Counselling, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for individuals and couples
in Farnham on the Surrey & Hampshire Border

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Couples Counselling

All relationships go through difficult times, but it is how we manage those times that makes the difference between staying together and parting.

Couples & Relationship Counselling

I talk to couples every day who are wanting more from their relationships. Some want to renew a long gone passion and others are just fighting to stay together - the answer is often found by looking at new ways to communicate with each other rather than fixing a disagreement.

There will be reasons for your behaviour that make sense and I will help you to uncover these throughout our Couples sessions together. You may both have an ‘arguing style’ and by looking more deeply, at your inner hurt and anger, we will be able to discover what is really going on. Couples Counselling will help you to understand your emotions and to discover a new intimacy.

Take a look at the signs below which often occur in a toxic relationship and, the more you recognise, the more Couples Counselling will be of benefit to you.

Blame and shame

Not listening or feeling unheard

All relationships go through difficult times, but it is how we manage those times that makes the difference between staying together and parting. If any of the situations listed below sound familiar then Couples Counselling (also known as Marriage Counselling or Relationship Counselling) can help you achieve a positive outcome and restore the missing link in your relationship.

  • Are you frightened of bringing up a sensitive subject with your partner?
  • Does it seem as though your partner isn't listening?
  • Your conversations seem to just go round and round in circles.
  • You have only been talking a short while but suddenly you are both in the middle of a shouting match.
  • You feel more frustrated at the end of a conversation than the beginning.
  • One of you can't stop crying and the other disappears in a huff.

Couples/Relationship Counselling will help both of you to understand the nature of your problems. We will improve your communication skills and find effective ways of discussing and dealing with your difficulties and differences. By understanding why you are struggling it is often possible to produce a more positive outcome - or at least a more amicable ending.

What if my partner doesn't want to come?

Ideally a couple should come to counselling together but, if your partner refuses, I can still help you to improve the situation on your own. We will take time to sort through your feelings and this will help you to make a positive impact on your relationship and communication. This could result in your partner wanting to join you further down the line.

All of us go through ups and downs in our relationships and, from time to time, we can become stuck in our patterns of communicating with each other. Perhaps we feel under fire from criticism or maybe we struggle to get our point across for fear of being misunderstood. Whatever the problem I will help you to look at your communication skills and work out different ways of dealing with your difficulties – perhaps you both want the same thing but are speaking different languages ! By understanding just why you are struggling it is often possible to work towards a more positive outcome or, if not, a more bearable ending.

To find out more about relationship and couples counselling, or to arrange an initial consultation, contact me on 01252 726450 or 07900 387978, or by email using my secure online contact form.

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