What does a Counsellor do?
A Counsellor will help you to improve communication, resolve a crisis and deal with negative behaviour patterns by listening and talking in confidence as you work through the problem. We often go into crisis mode immediately a difficulty arises and therefore, by learning new ways of communicating, you will achieve a positive outcome putting back the missing link into your relationship.

Sexual Problems
Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help greatly with Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, Orgasmic Dysfunction, Vaginismus and general lack of sexual enjoyment. All of these issues may be triggered by negative childhood messages, sexual trauma, relationship difficulties, performance anxiety or inexperience which can result in a lack of confidence, sense of failure and low self esteem. Whether you are gay, straight or bi-sexual by talking in a comfortable, safe and confidential environment these problems can often be resolved in just a few sessions.

Bereavement Counselling
Everyone reacts differently to the loss of someone dear to them. Some of us experience feelings of anger and intense pain whereas others appear unaffected or unemotional. A Counsellor will listen without interrupting giving you the time to talk, cry or even shout and, in doing so, will help you to sort out your feelings amongst all the chaos.

The Counsellor is trained to help support you during a difficult time in your life.

Relationship and bereavement counselling